Remembering, misremembering, forgetting. Financial Crises (1982-2022)

24 June 2022 all-day
C. de Leonardo Prieto Castro
28040 Madrid
Remembering, misremembering, forgetting. Financial Crises (1982-2022) @ CUNEF

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the (so-called) developing world’s Debt crisis; the 35th anniversary of the stock exchange collapse, known as ‘Black Monday’; the 30th anniversary of the Exchange Rate Mechanism crisis; the 25thanniversary of the East Asian crisis; the 20th anniversary of the stock market downturn and the 15th anniversary of the so-called ‘credit crunch’, which announced the Global Financial Crisis. It thus seems a good moment to reflect on the significance of anniversaries for the history and memory of financial crises. The following papers will be presented by the Mercator team at the European Business History Association, on 24 June:

  • Youssef Cassis, The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008: Memory, history, legacy
  • Bruno Pacchiotti and Giuseppe Telesca, The 1982 International Debt Crisis as ‘forgotten’ crisis: Oblivion or a problem of perspective?
  • Tobias Pforr, The crises that didn’t count: Memories of derivative losses in the 1990s and their failure to change regulatory approaches
  • Niccolò Valmori, Banking in times of crisis: A prosopographical study of global financial elites, 1982-2007
  • Alice Pearsons will act as discussant of the session chaired by Laure Quennouëlle-Corre