Pforr, Tobias

Research Fellow

    Working languages: German, English

    Dr. Tobias Pforr is responsible for delivering work package five of the MERCATOR project where he will examine how memory of financial crises has affected financial market (de)regulation. In particular, he will examine three case studies: The deregulation of OTC derivatives in the United States by the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (CFMA) in the year 2000, the change in legislation from Basel I to Basel II in 2004, and the on-going discussions of proposed new regulations on sustainable finance, green central banking, and the low carbon transition.

    Prior to joining the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies as a Research Fellow, Dr. Pforr worked as a Research and Teaching Fellow at the University of Reading and the University of Warwick where he served as the Programme Director for the MA in International Political Economy as well as the Programme Co-Director for the BA in Economics and Politics and International Studies. Besides memory and financial crises, his broader research interests include narratives, humanitarian finance, and the international monetary system. He holds a PhD from the University of Warwick and LUISS Guido Carli, a MSc from the University of Oxford, and a BA (Hons) from Macalester College.

    Recent publications

    2021. ‘The Hierarchy of the Offshore US-Dollar System. On Swap Lines, the FIMA Repo Facility and Special Drawing Rights’. GEGI Study Boston University (with Steffen Murau and Fabian Pape). Available at:

    2020. ‘14 Ideas for after Corona’. Large-scale academic collaboration (with Dezernat Zukunft). Available at:

    2020. ‘Integrating ‘anticipatory action’ in disaster risk management’. Policy Brief for Overseas Development Institute (with Emily Wilkinson and Lena Weingartner). Available at:

    2020. ‘The Evidence-base on Anticipatory Action’. Study commissioned by World Food Program (with Lena Weingartner and Emily Wilkinson). Available at:

    2020. ‘What is Money in a Critical Macro-Finance Framework? (with Steffen Murau). Finance and Society 2020, 6(1): 56-66. Available at:

    2020. ‘Private Debt as Shadow Money? Conceptual Criteria, Empirical Evaluation and Implications for Financial Stability’ (with Steffen Murau). Commissioned Study for Private Debt Project. Available at: